I mustache you to please SMILE!

There’s just something about a lip with a fashionable mustache perched above. It just sets a certain mood:)
When I broke out these fabulous little caterpillars, we all turned into Brits! “I say, Old Chap…” & “Good show” (in your head I’m sure you read those with your best accent).

This was only the beginning of a fun filled, unique New Year’s Eve party for my family.

There were 8 teenage boys, which made for four perfect teams of two to play (cue the trumpet:      da da da, dadadada da ta da!)

 New Years Minute to Win It!

OH MY GOSH WE HAD A MESS!! I’m still finding mini marshmallows behind, …well EVERYTHING! Of course, the games were not designed to lead to a marshmallow war, but then again, we are talking about eight BOYS! Maybe I should have planned with that in mind-first and foremost. Oh well, what a wonderful way to welcome the new year: sore face from smiling and I laughed so hard it was a great workout for my perfectlly flat belly (If you fell for that, I’ve got some beach front property in Arizona to sell you-CHEAP!)

The ONE minute timed team challenges were:

“Filleth the Cupeth on my Pretty Little Headeth”
==Partner A has a cup with a velcro chin strap holding it on his head while Partner B tosses mini mallows into it, both staying behind their respective lines.

“Put Your Blowhard Blessing to Work Why Don’t Ya”
==Both stooges , er,  I mean partners had to blow as many mallows as possible from start line to finish line using only a straw. NO HANDS! This takes great restraint as the mallows do not like to roll in a straight line and they didn’t count unless they went over the line. This resulted in smooshed mallows creamed across my floors from boys sliding around on their bellies chasing after rogue marshmallows.

“Mini Mallow Relay While Avoiding a Beating from Mom”
== Two teams use only a small spoon to transfer mallows from bowl at start line to their pot at finish line, trading places with partner each time. This was set up in my living room with all my pretties nearby. Since it was four boys franctically running back and forth  focused solely on their pot on the floor and tripping each other up, my very breakable breakables were very nervous. I almost had to get the switch:) Boy were they scared after I threatened that-NOT!

“Ball Balance Talent”
==Picture this: paper towel tube standing on end with a yardstick balanced on top (the 18th inch directly in the middle IF you have a well made yardstick:) Partners had to hang Christmas balls on the yardstick on both sides, working together to keep it balanced. Remember, we’re talking about teenagers here! Note to self: use plastic ornaments next year. #UghCutToe Yuck-FEET, Yuck-BLOOD           What’s a new years party without a little blood, right?

The last game was to be a simple points game with cups lined up on the table, closest cups were 5 points, middle row-10, and last-20.
Either those boys have terrible aim, or they were intentionally trying to bruise each other with mini marshmallows. An impossible feat, but they were determined!

All was good until our poor Boston Terrier, Bandit/Boston, had had enough and threw up marshmallow goo. Oh yay, party down. 

Each game description above should end with “…and of course they had more fun breaking the rules and messing each other up than actually playing the game, resulting in a marshmallow blizzard.” We had 2 bags of mallows, but had to sweep them up after each game so we would have enough for the next game. Good thing for them I’m not uptight. I’ve learned after all these years of wild hetherns, darling, sweet, little boys, that
-it will sweep up
-their laughter is good payment for anything that got broken in the process
-mud IS fun!
-there’s always bleach and noseplugs

I figure they’re learning to deal with life’s messes by watching how I react to theirs. Plus, don’t tell them, but I am having just as much fun as they are!

May our year be full of messes:)