….many hot glue gun blisters later…

I’m learning about posting pics, yay me!
Sorry I don’t have a tutorial. I made these recently, but did not take pics along the way. I promise I’ll be making more similar to these, and I will put pics and how to.
Now, if I can get a video off my ipad to show you my Christmas home. LEARNING BY TRIAL AND ERROR HERE! I know it’s not pretty yet- working on basics for now.

2012: Adventures in Blogland

Hello everyone! I am so stinkin excited about this new endeavor I am embarking on! (By the way, I am an exclamation point addict!) I have decided to move past Facebook and enter this world of blogging. I think this new year is going to be a year of learning more about how to use technology as a tool to express myself and hopefully inspiring a few people as much as the blogs I follow inspire me!
So please excuse these first attempts, I promise as soon as I learn the ropes, I will have one of the ABSOLUTE CUTEST blogs out there!
So come along with me on this adventure!
(see what I mean about the !!!!!!!)