Pretty Peacock Window

A long time dream of mine is learning to do stained glass. It is a beautiful and timeless art form. Mosaic is not quite stained glass, but putting it on a window kinda works.  You know how I LoVe to work with old windows! Ideas abound when I spot one. Maybe I should change my blog’s name to “Window on Creativity”.  Here are some links to my other window creations: Click on the pic


This window was missing two panes, no worries, I’ll still show it some love!

At first, I was going to do an owl with a paint chip body. Influenced, perhaps too much, by all the owl and paint chip art I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. It’s all so cool and I plan on still doing something with it.

This just looked plum silly, but made me think of a peacock’s tail.

I printed this out to trace, I stink at drawing.

Still not what I had in mind.

Lightbulb! Mosaic tail! I went to Goodwill to find glass to break, ended up at getting a glass frame and wine glass, two glass tiles at Lowes, and a bracelet on sale at Wal-Mart.  I double bagged them, wrapped them in a towel, and smashed them with a hammer. The glass tiles had to be hit extra hard. Tia was not happy with all the banging.


I had already made a banner across the empty sections with a necklace,  also found on the sale rack at Wal-Mart. That is really a good resource to find cheap, beady things. I’ve also found jewelry to use at the everything’s a dollar store.

Stapled on with a regular stapler.

Next step was to do a dry fit of the broken glass tail. I then used E-6000 for the first time. Have you ever read the label on that stuff? It says it can cause cancer! The project relocated to the deck and I broke out the face mask. I didn’t even let any animals out there, I have no puppy size face masks.  I used a pencil eraser to apply the glue to the tiles. I recommend you use something else. It fell apart.


This is the best place to catch the sunshine, but I’m not loving it here. When Honey gets home from his trip to MO, I’ll see how he feels about hanging it on the french doors that lead out to the sunporch. That gets some sun too, just not as much as here in the living room. I’m still waiting on him to cut me some barbed wire for my plow wheel light fixture PIP.  Whatever would I do without that hunka handy man?

Now for you- GO BREAK SOME GLASS! It’s fun! Happy day to all!

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7 thoughts on “Pretty Peacock Window

  1. Hi there, first time here at your blog and it looks lovely! I love this peacock on the window!!! It turned out soo cute! hope you have a great week! ~hugs, Holly

  2. I love the peacock tail. I also like that you didn’t caulk it bthatnis one of the reasons I dont create mosaics. I do love them however and yours is very creative.

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