Jewelry, Phone, & Junk=Happy Girl

I should have definitely been institutionalized, or at least had an intervention about my jewelry addiction. It’s all just so pretty and sparkly and shiny and girly and…..SLAP! Thanks I needed that.

No, but honestly, who can get dressed in the morning without a good dose of BLING?! Not this chick 🙂

Jewelry makes your outfit complete, you look finished. It’s like make up–the outfit might be naturally beautiful, but the jewelry will bring out it’s best features. Heck, I’ve bought outfits solely for the purpose of matching a piece of jewelry I adore.

Like all good collectibles, jewelry has it’s issues. Number one being-storage. It’s hard to use what you can not see. Jewelry girls must move beyond organization onto a display. I gave up on a traditional jewelry box long ago.  My last organizer was a two-tiered shelf with nails and hooks tapped into all fronts and sides. This led me to the bright idea to hammer a line of nails directly into the wall. Honey was not happy about that.

Blogging once again pays off! I found Becca at Blue Cricket Design. Her blog is fabulous and she has a cheap, awesome solution to the earring display problem. (Those little trees from the jewelry store are never big enough, I’d need a whole forest!) I also figured out a way to display my bracelets and rings, but the necklaces…let’s just say Honey is still not happy.  If you have a way to display a hoard of necklaces, long and short, please let me know. We can make Honey happy!

Befores & Afters

$2.50-gutter guards (Lowe's) & $14-spool organizer(Hobby Lobby)

Before: Everything overlapped and most bracelets/rings were in a drawer.

After: Now I have my bracelets/rings out and everything is visible to match up with my outfits right in my closet!

Do you have an “Otter Box”? They are very practical but not at all pretty. If I could manufacture a phone case that is as protective as an Otter Box but pretty with prints, and designs, I would make a million dollars. Just like all the other ideas I have for products, just a thought, never brought into fruition.

My solution is clear case plus scrapbook paper. You can change your cover to match your outfit or purse, or your mood or your eyes! 🙂

I’m thinking of adding some embellishments of some sort. Maybe stickers or a monogram.

Last, but not least, is da JUNK!  I love da JUNK! If someone would have told me that when I was a kid and my dad was dragging me around to flea markets and auctions, I would have never believed it. But, it happened, he did turn me into a junk addict.

Here are my latest treasures. They will become the base for something fantastic! I plan on starting in on it today! YAY!

Kate Cat loves da junk too!

I hope you have a lovely day!

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