Jute Suit Tree- WooWee!

Have you ever seen a dude in a jute suit?  “What”, ya say, ” jute suit?”  “Oh, you mean zoot suit!”

{One of  THE BEST CARTOONS EVER knows what’s cool: Tom & Jerry “The Zoot Cat”.}

Silly me, being silly.   Ask my kids, I do that often…although they (too-cool-for-corny-teenagers) don’t find me quite as hilarious as I find myself-which is usually right around the corner of awesome and bombdiggity! Tee to the Hee 🙂

I love all those “I’m so special” inspirational signs all over Pinterest. Seriously, I DO, I love them. One of these days I’m gonna post all my fave sayings around my mirror (like ya see in the movies), so I can skip out the door each day whistling a happy tune.  I’m sure my boys will be whistling right along 🙂 Now, THAT is funny! You can find some inspirational signs here: Signs, signs, everywhere a sign or True. Deep. Sweet.

If easily offended, do not go to the “Chuckle, Giggle, Snort” board. I’m sorry, I do have a wild hair dark side sometimes. Please go back to the inspirational boards to judge me 🙂

Anywho, back to the jute.  Did you know jute is a vegetable fiber and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses? Learn something new every day.  Now stop being impressed by the jute and imagine wearing a shirt and pants made from it–YOUCH! Not so great now, huh?

Cone made from poster board wrapped in jute. Just add a little dab of hot glue here and there along the back while wrapping to keep it in place.

It is, however, a mighty fine craft material. It adds texture, nature, neutral, itchy-scratchiness, and it’s cheap!

After moving furniture around, again, I found a little nook in need of a table. It’s not exactly the perfect size, but it’ll do.

Needed height, had a $5 planter, inspiration hit, Wah Lah the Jute Suit Tree- she is born.

I pinned the ribbon design on before committing to the glue. Don't you find hot glue kinda scary?

Couldn’t just put plain ribbon on, oh no, had to braid it up and make it more interesting.

The longest part of the whole project was deciding on what to embellish with. Here are several prototypes. I really wanted to make a string flower, but to no avail.

I went with linen and ribbon flowers. I like it, not love, but like.

1. Fold at a 90 degree angle

2. Fold back over itself and repeat

3. The more you fold, the more your flower will stick out

4. Slide the side with the end of the ribbon showing down until you get a flower

5. Cut flower off and glue end of ribbon to back of flower

These paper flowers I made for practice around Christmas have been great to fill in here and there. I have a serious addiction to print and paper, if ya didn’t know.

I drug the birdhouse off of the laundry room shelf,  the crookedness is not a flaw, just added charm.  Like Honey’s crooked nose 🙂

Now for something unrelated: We hung stained glass windows at the bottom of our picture window. I do love, not like, but love!

I hope all is going well with you! I really appreciate your visit and hope you like what you saw. Maybe you have or will make something similar?

🙂 Have a great week 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Jute Suit Tree- WooWee!

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  3. That tree is just stinkin’ cute! I’ve got at least five miles of the twine just wasting away in the garage and I can’t wait to try it. I love how you have embellished it too. Thanks so much for this adorable idea.

  4. Your jute tree is too cute, and I’m loving the quirky birdhouse. I totally understand why you LOVE the stained glass windows you installed. Beautiful.
    I’m happy to be a new follower, and thanks for stopping by.
    Mary Alice

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