Junkin’ it: Garden Style


Sorry, April, we couldn’t wait for your showers. It’s the end of March and we have already been in the 80’s more times than I can count! {The 80’s was a totally tubular decade, hoser! I do not have big hair anymore though!}

Our Easter lilies have long gone and I’ve had the top off the jeep for a week-JOY! I’m just wondering how hot it will be by June. I’m a Missouri girl, who is used to four definite seasons. Now that I’m in Texas, it’s like

 My life now in Texas... I miss fall!

You know you're a Texan when....

Honey is so good to me! He took me out and let me junk and also buy flowers to go in my junk! What a sweetie! I like flowers you can plant, I always feel sorry for the ones that have been cut and put in vases. They’re like on death row! I feel the same about live Christmas trees- who can be merry when you’ve got a tree on life support, fixing to be thrown out, without a care. I know, TOO EMPATHETIC! At least I’m not pathetic! Maybe a dork though 🙂

Anywho, here’s the pics, no crafts, just craftiness with the planters!

Is that chicken feeder not the most perfect planter you’ve ever seen?! I’m sot real sure what that cart thingy was, but it is super rusted-LOVE IT!!! It may disintegrate before summer’s end.

The Gerbera Daisies are in an antique water cooler that has the cutest spigot, drip catcher, and handles!

Another rusty water cooler, bucket, and well-used ammo box made my front entry divine! Here’s how they started:

After a long day of planting:

I added one of my many old benches (I have a thing for old benches and shelving-weeeeird) along with a $1 lamp I topped with a minnow bucket.

It has a twin that is part of my Spring tablescape which you will see very soon! Here’s a sneak peak:

On the other side of the door is an old, camp stool with a rectangle, galvanized planter. In the bucket is an orchid, I’ve never seen one so big and it’s able to live outside.

Here’s an old painter’s bench. It has a hole to put a bucket in and is held together with rusted wire. If it’s not pushed against something, it leans WAY to the right. If you come for a visit, don’t sit here! Or well, maybe you should, we could use a good laugh 🙂  I’ll help you up after I get up from ROFL!!

Yet another old painter’s bench with a hole to carry it with and a shelf underneath for brushes and such. Honey is thankful all the old benches are making their way out of the house. He’s not a fan. Can you believe I came home one day just in time to rescue one from the burn pile!  “Oh sorry babe, I didn’t know that one was any good,”was his reply to my fit. Ya, right!

These double wash tubs and antique wheelbarrow made the long haul when we moved from MO.

These director’s chairs were on sale for $20 each and the old milk jug for $10! Lucky day! These chairs are too cool with hinges to make them foldable. They don’t match my green patio furniture, but that’s ok- I’m working on that no matchy matchy thing!

Unfortunately, everything isn’t rusty and old. I still love these other planters.

I can’t wait for all of the plants to mature and be full of blooms!

I’m on the search for some unique things to replant these hanging baskets in. I’m in heaven with all these flowers everywhere you look!

Please keep in mind these flowers are freshly planted. They will be taken care of with my loyal feeding, watering, and love!  Just like my other babies, who tried to help me garden all day.

Tia just wants Mommy to stop and hold her.

Boston saying "Get off the phone, let's go back outside!"

Kate follows me everywhere just like one of the dogs.

My teenage boys were helping Dad plant shrubs and none of them wanted a sweaty picture taken.

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am decorating outside! Just like inside, garden choices, be it plants, flowers, containers, and placement, reflect our personality too. Happy Spring shopping!!! FUN!!

See y’all soon!

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26 thoughts on “Junkin’ it: Garden Style

  1. Love your planters! My mom loves to collect different types of pots and things to put plants in. I’ll have to show her your post.
    Thanks for sharing at Sunday Round Up.

  2. Wow Sheila, your outdoor space is beautiful. As a former Texan myself, I had to laugh at your “you know you’re a Texan when…” sayings. Ain’t it the truth??? Enjoy your “almost summer”. I’m actually having a beautiful spring in the Rockies where I have lived for the past 21 years.


  3. Sheila, Wanted to let you know that your post junkin-it-garden-style got the highest viewed post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Congrats! Thanks for sharing and hope you stop by again.


  4. Your garden planters are adorable. I am looking for an old wheel barrel myself. Please add my button to this post as well:) Thanks…

  5. You have a beautiful garden and backyard, love how you’ve designed it with all you antiques. Thanks for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Hope you come back again with more of your inspirational posts. I’m a new follower.


  6. Hi, Sheila! Your flowers are just beautiful and all your old rusty planters and little bench are precious too! Hey, we should get your baby Tia and my little Charlie chihuahua together! They’d be best friends!

  7. I love, love, love all the RUSTY STUFF. Is that an old shopping cart or is it an old stroller. Whichever, I think that is my favorite……no, the washtubs…….no, the old wheel barrow. Shoot, we aparently have very similar taste. So, Im now your newest follower. Please come visit me at PICKINandPAINTIN.blogspot.com and hope maybe you’ll follow back. THANKS. 😎

  8. This is upcycling at its best. That chicken feeder never looked better and that cart just made me drool. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog because I have to same planter that I bought at Pier 1 years ago. I was just about to toss it. I am going to go and by new plants for it this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration and for this wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope to see you there.


  9. The stroller is a great way to show off your plants. You are lucky to have so many beautiful blooms at this time of year. Here in the north it will be another 6 weeks before we will have flowers in the garden. Our seasons are Fall, Winter, Mud Season and 4th of July.

    • Mud season sounds like a wonderful thing! We miss our 40 acres full of four wheeler trails going through spring fed creeks in MO, The south definitely has a longer growing season, but it will soon be too hot to be out enjoying the flowers long. I guess I’m still a yankee at heart 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

  10. Hi! I’m green with envy over your pretty plants and rusty planters! The rusty cart thing is an old old stroller — I think.

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