Mm-Mm-Mm Good Spring Frame Wreath

Crazy. Obsessed.

What else do you call being wide awake at 4AM with questions streaming through your brain like: “Is there enough white spray paint in that can? I wonder if that spackle has dried out? Would it be too gaudy to stack yellow and orange frames on top of a white w turquoise one? Why don’t they make sticky dots in long,thin strips called Skinny Sticky Strips?” Then onto making an acronym out of all the first letters of items I forgot to write on the Hobby Lobby list…. SHUT UP ALREADY! (no that’s not the acronym:))

Enough of my insane ramblings! On with the pretty!

It started out with this fabuliciously thick frame I found at an estate sale for two dollars.  It was gold, but I knew it would be happier white. I really wanted the raised, floral details to show so I ran the turquoise stamp pad over it. Which took forever to dry and I smudged it being impatient. I always tell myself  I’ll touch it up later….sure!

I learned it is much more difficult to wrap a letter with yarn than I thought. There are corners and spaces that just won’t accept it! But it did accept the BLING! Can’t say I blame it (must be a female M.) Simple would have been nice, but I think the bling added a little fun.

I’m off to figure out how to make a custom signature for my posts.I’m trying to figure out ways to make my photos/blog appearance  better without buying photo editing software. I’m open to any and all tips!

Huh? Huh? Check it!^

 Do any of y’all do the digital scrapbooking thing? There are so many pretty papers and embellishments-all right at your fingertips-you don’t even have to get out of your jammies! I’m learning so much every day, but can’t stand to sit for hours on the puter.


Here’s a peek at my project in progress-(PIP). Can’t decide if I want to keep adding more of the same puff balls and butterflies or if I want to do something different. Gosh, I stink at making decisions.

Linkity Link Link 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Mm-Mm-Mm Good Spring Frame Wreath

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    • Thanks so much! Your gumball wreath with the chevron ribbon is adorable. I love your blog! You have a little bit of everything-fashion, fitness, meals, and crafty stuff! Very inspiring!
      (I tried to comment on some of your posts, but word verification wouldn’t take it!)
      Please come back to visit again 😀

  2. Such a wonderful frame — looks great on your door. Hope to see you again at ‘Sunday School’Linky Party. If it’s ok can I pin your blog entry onto my Sunday School Pinterest Board ? If tyou have any objections — Let me know! 😉
    Jennie. x

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