Window on Spring

When I see an old window, I get a zillion ideas about how to decorate it! The hard part is-I have to choose just one idea and stick with it or it becomes a big mess. Believe me, before you see the end product, there are several “attempts” that get trashed. Poor things, I know all of them want to become FAMOUS.

Yet another quirk of mine-overly empathetic! My friend laughs at me when I tell her how I feel sorry for paperclips when they’re hooked together and I take them apart to use them. Ok, shared too much, didn’t I?!

I just have a HUGE HEART people!!!

Anywho, You should have seen the mess of plastic spoon pieces flying across the dining room before they became these be-A-utiful flowers. When you cut off the handles, they become dangerous torpedoes with sharp, pointy edges.

I highly recommend wearing safety glasses and removing your chihuahua from her comfy spot on the table before starting this project. Hmmm….I wonder if they make teacup puppy size safety glasses?

After you cut the handles off, you hold the spoon over a candle flame to melt/wilt the edges. Don’t hold it too close, or it will blacken. It just took a few practice spoons to figure out how to hold it. If you have two pairs of needle nose pliers, it would be much easier to hold with one pair and stretch/bend with the other. Then you just heat up the ends and stick them together in a flower shape. To make the center, I cut the spoon part in half, lengthways and held it over the flame until it started curling around itself.  It really was easy, just practice a little. I found the idea on Pinterest-of course! Can’t decide if I like the edges painted or not. Too gawdy?


The window was a fabulous flea market find and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had turquoise in it’s future. Lucky devil to have been rescued by Moi! I wanted to maintain it’s aged look, so it has a thin coat of “crackle medium” (found in the paint dept. at Lowe’s) under the color.

The spring hankie banner was an idea I’ve had for a while and I love how it looks paired with the window! I soaked them in liquid starch and dried them out flat before stenciling the letters on.

The tiny, rag garland strung across was not in the original plan, but it just needed something! It was made from fabric I bought to make a bigger one for over my sink with. That’s still in the works. Isn’t the fabric just too cute?!

I’m SO loving decorating for SPRING! I hope you are too!

My list is never ending of projects and I’m so bad good about starting several, ya know, while paint/glue dries!

Here’s a little part of the next project, which  is almost done.Come visit me  tomorrow night!

Too bad I’m not independently wealthy so I could stay home and craft my little fingerprints right off!! Only 2 1/2 months til summer vacay!!

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11 thoughts on “Window on Spring

  1. What?!? Those flowers are made out of spoons? That’s amazing! And I love how you coloured the edges. Now I have to go find something to put melted spoon flowers on!

  2. Thanku for linking up… I appreciate it! Hope to see you again at ‘Sunday School’Linky Party. If it’s ok can I pin your blog entry onto my Sunday School Pinterest Board ? Let me know if you would prefer me not too.
    Jennie. x

    • Thanku for linking up… I appreciate it! Hope to see you again at ‘Sunday School’Linky Party. If it’s ok can I pin your blog entry onto my Sunday School Pinterest Board ? Let me know if you would prefer me not too.
      Jennie. x
      (wrong web address on my last comment, ignore)

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