Pretty Pretty Pinwheel

Pinwheel, pinwheel, pretty, pretty pinwheelyou spin me right round, baby, right round… ok, kickin’ it ADD style, oh look, a squirrel…{giggle giggle} Ever since I saw a pic of a pinwheel craft (I think around Valentine’s Day) I knew I wanted to do a pinwheel project for March. They’re much cuter than kites-no offense kites- and they are more 3-D.

I started out shopping for double-sided paper since the corners fold into the middle, you can see the back side. (ain’t denyin’ my backside needs beautifyin’     … red beans and rice didn’t miss her, Oh my gaw Becky…where’s my ADD  med?!)

Since this paper was more than what I normally would spend, I made a little practice one out of plain paper. Of course, I still messed the first one up. Ack!

1.The squares need to be even.

2.Fold corner to corner and make a dot in the center

3.Cut a line  on the crease made from the  fold from each corner to about 1/4 inch from the center.

4.Glue one corner of each of these triangles onto the center dot. I used a tack to hold it in place.

5.Put something pretty in the center 🙂 love the pretties!  

Once again, my deck has the best lighting. The banner is now hanging on my mantel, but it’s unsightly at the moment! The daffodils didn’t bloom long. Flowers are on the list!    Oh honey….wanna make a run to the store:)

Here is a peek at some of the fab flea market finds for future fun!

The window is going to be sooooo stinkin’ sweeeet!!! It’s outside drying right now. I’m looking forward to morning light to get busy on it. Even though I’m on spring break, I won’t be able to sleep in with this beauty waiting for me!

For those of you who were not farm grown- not the same as corn fed– the metal troughy thing is a chicken feeder. My friend got one without legs and used it as a table centerpiece- way too cute! Mine, since it has legs, and I don’t want to be a total copycat, will become a planter. More flowers on the list! YAY!!!! LOVE SPRING!!!

The oil cans were rusty and unique shaped- had to have them. And the oval, boy blue painting, I think I’ll just keep it like it is and hang it in my living room-NOT! Pah-Lease! What do y’all think about chalkboard painting it? Done too much? Hmmm… open for suggestions here. I wanna do something different!

These aren’t crafty, but you have to check them out. Also acquired at the flea market. (Remind me to tell you about “Canton First Monday”, I’ve already yacked long enough) These flops are too darling not to share! They are comfy, quality, and guaranteed! Get you some at Glitter Flops!

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