Pine Cone and Poof Flower Garland

Want flowers in the middle of winter? They bring sunshine on a rainy day πŸ™‚ Name it, I will make a flower out of it! Here’s my “decorator’s math” formula to apply to almost any material:

cut it + rearrange it + froo froo + hot glue = pretty flower

I know, I know, I impress y’all with my technical terminology. (teehee:) Can you believe I once was an English teacher?!

btw- “froo froo” means to fluff and priss up.

My old ladder valance is one of the best places for a garland to hang.

I made the flowers out of pine cones and ripped linen and tied it on to jute. Do you like it being matchy or do you think I should have put up something bright and contrasting?


Start with the bigger petals and make a five petal star. I ended up adding these two bigger ones in back to give it a little more fullness. Add petals in between and work your way to the center with smaller petals. The very center is the top of the pine cone I had to use yard clippers to cut it off.


Here are the pine cones that sacrificed in the name of home decor. The small ones are from my backyard. The big one I rescued from a truly terrible store decoration. It makes me think of the “ugly present” my mom and I make every Christmas. We compete to see who can decorate the most tacky present. Maybe that’s how all those poor, homely decorations get off the store shelves each year. I would love to see y’all’s ugly present! Let’s start planning an ugly present party for this year πŸ™‚

Don’t you love learning things, sometimes even the hard way? After tying those pine cone flowers on with fishing line and having a few little fits, I learned an important physics lesson! Wow! Physics and flowers! Save yourself a fit and remember: The bottom of the item must be heavier for it to hang vertically, face front.

Β I glued this heavy, metal (no head bangin’ involved) to weigh it down.

Here are flowers made of burlap, felt, and strips of linen. I used the fold-into-fourths-and-glue-in-the-center trick, the easiest method.

Don’t forget to froo-froo!!!!

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