Lampshades Are Sooooo Conical :)

Ok, so I am aware of the whole “left brain, right brain” thing, but most days it doesn’t slap me in the face like it did today. This is a G rated blog, so I’ll…well I’ll just leave it at that! I am on the creative  side, or so I like to think. This means I really stink am weaker on the “math side”. It’s fine, through life I have learned to compensate-my husband does ALL the financial stuff, he’s my hero! People laugh when I say I’m not allowed the checkbook, but it is true!

This is the equation I came up with:

Lampshades + Square Scrapbook Paper= AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

I tried and tried to measure, think about geometry, and be mathematical about it, but just could NOT figure it out. As my husband says,”Thank goodness you’re good looking or I wouldn’t put up with you.”  🙂 That’s his sweet way of saying, “Dang girl, you’re dumb sometimes!”

Anywho, I just started cutting and eyeballing and gluing. It didn’t come out exactly as I wanted, but I’m hoping the little bird will be distracting from the imperfections. You know how little birds do!

It looks better the farther away you stand!

It will also help when it’s on the mantel with other things.

Still quite an improvement over the way it looked when my mom found it at a yard sale. She knew I was just the one to show it some love.

Since it is going on the mantel, which is kind of high up, I decided to add some fun paper to the inside of the shade. I really love the combo of the two papers. I tried to make them contrast and not be so matchy matchy- something I’ve been consciously working on.

This project kicked off the creation of the spring mantel. It is a work in progress. I plan to add some green, green grass in the rectangle, metal planter.  I also have a banner in mind. I need a witty spring quote or I might search on The Graphics Fairy for something vintage-spring because I’m feeling the need for that certain something!

This is how I decorate. I start placing things I picture in my head, but then there is a lot of adding/subtracting/rearranging and keeping in mind the need for just the right mix of size, space, and color arrangements. I can’t stand for things to look flat and boring. I must have levels and textures and hopefully something natural or rustic.

Since I took this picture this afternoon, much has changed! And I think you’ll really like it!



Here’s the new and improved.  I hope you like it:)
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4 thoughts on “Lampshades Are Sooooo Conical :)

  1. I have been wanting to change some lampshades – this is a gorgeous idea – I’d have to make a template before starting! I am inspired! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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