I {heart} Heart Art

So this is the last Valentine project for the season. The big day is only two days away! I have really enjoyed making my own decorations and my house looks so sweet! In an all boy household,(except for Tia puppy and Kate cat) it’s nice to have some girly hearts and pink touches here and there. Now my gears are turning for what to make for SPRING! I always start with the mantel, so any suggestions are welcome!

This garland was so easy, I felt like I was cheating!

No hot glue, it’s all stapled. WooHoo!!

I didn’t have double sided paper and I love book art so much, I decided to use spray adhesive to adhere the pages together.

 Next, I used my handy dandy paper cutter to measure and cut into strips.




I mixed and matched for each heart. They’re all different. I love variety!

As you can see, I turned the middle hearts paper strips backwards so you can see the book print on the outside and the colorful print on the inside. The outer and inner heart is vice versa. Hmmm…I like that word, vice versa, it rolls off the tongue. Yet, I digress. Oh look, a bird:}

 Every other heart I stapled all the centers down. The other hearts got a red and white bead hung on with fishing string. I think it adds interest, plus if I can add a bead somewhere, you better believe it’ll bead there:)

I apologize for my wrinkly backdrop. I am not friends with the iron at all.

Of course it’s not hung out on my deck rail permanently. I hung it on the old ladder I use for a valance in my breakfast nook. It’s nearly impossible to get a good pic there though. I’ll try to change this once the sun goes down.

I hope this inspires you to make one of your own. It was such a short easy project, I have time to clean house look for spring mantels on Pinterest!

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