Page&String Chandy Love

Huge fan of book page crafts here! I wanted to wallpaper above the mantel with them, but Honey is NOT in love with the idea. (Why don’t you just go on a trip honey:) My built in hutch looks fab with them for a background.( I also have to wait for Honey to go away to take the hinges and doors off that hutch- but we shall just have to wait and see.)

Anywho-On with the pretty!

I had in mind to wrap some tattery linen around the top of it to hide where I tied the strings, but it looked better in my head than it did in life.

Do you ever do that?

Have this fabulous idea pictured in your head, and then wah wah wah it flops like an overweight bellydancer??!!

So then I start sweating, getting a work out running back and forth from my fabric tote to the dining room, each time thinking, “Yah, that’s the ticket”, only to be disappointed with each.


Nothing worked!

I’m learning that many times simple is better. I went with all neutrals on this-all the way down to the centerpiece-with only a few highlights of red-FOR RED HOT CHANDY LOVE!

I only had a few glass beads with holes to tie on with, so I stole these antique pink and silver Christmas ornaments off the mantel to hang. I really like the mix. It’s always a bonus to find things that work out better than your original plan. Especially when you really want to finish a project RIGHT NOW but you’re already in your jammies.

My Honey found me these burlap feed sacks at a home center store and brought them home to me. He knows me so well.


Now, jewelry-that’sAwholeNotherStory!!!

The paper and tulle flowers were ones I had made during the holidays, practicing from PINTEREST!

I had these glasses/goblets all over the table: in a circle, randomly scattered on the burlap, even in an old, wooden feed trough-which will make an appearance at some point on my blog. It just hasn’t found the perfect home yet.

This project was super easy:

1. Cut out hearts from paper you love.

2. Use a needle and string or ribbon or thread to string them in a line.

3. Tie pretty stuff on at the bottom.

4. Tie them to your chandy or wherever they strike your fancy:)

I got this idea from a super cute blog,”>Being Brook, but she did 3-D hearts by sewing them together on a sewing machine- a skill I have yet to acquire. I’m sure one day I will learn, but for now it’s just hot glue and sticky dots for me!

Alrighty girls, I’ve learned the best way to get out there is to get around. (Don’t judge me:) So come check out these linky parties- there are SO many talented people out there!

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8 thoughts on “Page&String Chandy Love

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to let you know that I featured this project this week as one of my favorite posts on our Valentines Countdown linky party. Thank you so much for linking up this project as well as the others you linked up to it, I really loved them all! Here’s the link to the feature, where you can also grab an “I’ve Been Featured” button for your blog…
    I also wanted to let you know that starting this Thursday I’m starting a weekly “Get Creative” linky party that I’d love for you to add your projects to.
    Hope to see you there 🙂
    Just a Little Creativity

    • Thank you so much for the invite! I visited your blog and I love it, y’all have cute and yummy stuff! Plus I am a big fan of the humor! So consider me your newest fan:)
      I never thought about all the interesting, fun people I would meet by having my own blog- It’s great!

  2. Hi, Sheila! This is so much fun! I love how the hearts have a vintage look with the argyle, polka dots, and book pages. I’m so pinning this now! I love the glasses with nick nacks too that’s so creative! Thank you for sharing this idea and for putting my button on your sidebar. You’re a sweetie pie!

    ps. I’m with you on getting an old feed sack for Valentine’s Day… do you know how happy I’d be?!

  3. This is such a fun idea! I’m loving all those book page hearts streaming down! Wow! Thanks so much for linking this up to my Valentine Link Party. I appreciate you taking the time to do that!

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