Put My BLISS On Your List

I absolutely love my shabby, chippy door. It is not only chunky and full of yummy texture, but also a new canvas for me to create upon.

Isn’t she a BEAUT!

I was in my favorite aisle at Hobby Lobby and came across this paper that I just had to have! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I wanted to tuck it in my pillowcase and have sweet dreams on it, but I knew that was just plain silly. Plus there was no way to do it without wrinkling it up. So, it sat out on the dinner table in view while I was finishing up other projects. I wanted to be sure and use it to its full potential, show all the border, let the glittery, antique flowers shine through. I knew I would have to keep it simple. That’s the word that sparked it!


I came very, very close to changing my name to this. Isn’t it divine?!

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