Valentine Tablescape

I found this loverly, old table in a BARN! Seriously, this very nice lady with such talent and taste has a sale in her barn two times a year. She shops around the rest of the year and finds such cool things. It’s awesome and I would love to do something like that one day. First order of business, get a BARN! Here’s a link to her blog:

 Vintage & Co.

This table looked perfect behind my sofa, which you used to see when you walked in the front door. But then Honey got a wild hair and moved furniture around. I was totally against it, cuz I had things just so. But he did good! I like it! This was after a big argument compromise about pushing furniture all the way up against the walls! Huge decorating NO NO! He unfortunately had to run to the store and the furniture mysteriously floated to the edges of the rug-away from the walls!  Why do men want a huge, open area in the middle of the room?? Are we having a dance or something?? I mean really?! 

In front of my pretty, cross window is where the table landed.

 Mom & Dad had a collection of antique valentines that I adore!  Wisely, they handed them over so I could display and appreciate them. Old paper is so different. I love the true vintage touch it adds to my table. The lamp, which used to be ugly, ugly has become one of my favorites of all time! Yes, that is a minnow basket as the shade. I kept the wire tree out from Christmas (bought at the barn sale too) I added pink and white sprigs of styrofoam berries. They’re usual home is stuck all over my antique, white, victorian themed tree.  I love finding new purpose for my usual stuff.

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