Window on LoVe <3

OK, starting to feel a little better. I had time to kind of mess around with different backgrounds and headers. There’s so many things that won’t work, and I just don’t know if it’s because I’m using a free version of WORDPRESS or if it’s because I just plain don’t know what the heck I’m doing.  I would like to figure it all out before I start paying, but if I don’t pay, will I ever figure it out?!


I am very cheap frugal!

ANYWHO, On to the pretty!

I’m in love with love<3  I thought maybe making my own Valentine decos might look a little on the cheesy side, but surprise!

I’m lovin’ the cheese!

What girly girl out there doesn’t love






I mean really?! Lay it on THICK fellas! (especially the later:)

I love all the cool things you can make with old windows (and old doors of all kinds- the chippier and ragggedier, the better!) I decided to not just paint this window. I got out the trusty MOD PODGE and a be-A-U-tiful (Jim Carey voice over there) piece of scrapbook paper full of wonderful PRINTBTW-these are two things I’m absolutely addicted to: paper & print!  Maybe it’s the teacher in me, yes, I did use the word “raggedier” earlier-not very teacher like. But it was FUN and I do talk like that!

Here’s how it started:

There’s an old mirror (it’s on the mantel in the pic above) I painted and my sweet, little baby girl,Tia, too. Yes, she is full grown at two pounds and I am HER WORLD!! Love her sooooo much!

This is what I did next:


Here are some must follow tips for this project:

  • Use busy, nonsymmetrical paper.  You won’t be able to notice places where the paper overlaps or is cut or pushed into the corners.
  • Mod Podge the sides first- inside and out, then add the strips of paper cut to fit the front.  This will make the front of the window look more finished.
  • You will get Mod Podge on the glass. Don’t worry, it dries somewhat clear and can be scraped and cleaned off pretty much. Don’t get too wild with it though:)
  • Use a scraper to flatten out each piece of paper as you glue it down, even the crevices.  It’s impossible to keep out ALL the bubbles, but if you push from the middle out on each strip of paper, it will take out a lot. This window did not have flat edges.  I had to start flattening the paper at the bottom, push it into the first crevic, flatten again, next crevice, etc.  Another good reason to use busy paper. If the paper tries to slide, use a finger to hold it at the bottom while you are flattening with the scraper.   Also, be sure to use a bigger strip of paper than how wide the edge is so you’ll have excess at the top. (That green thing in the photo is a scraper. They have them at craft stores and in the kitchen utensil section at Wal-Mart-they are also used to scrape dishes clean, which works great btw.

I added a vinyl LOVE & a sweet, red pinstriped and white banner. LOVE is all you need-true! THE BEATLES WERE RIGHT ABOUT OH SO MANY THINGS!

Here are some more pics of the mantel. PLEASE check out the posts about the other items you see. I’ve been BUSY!


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13 thoughts on “Window on LoVe <3

  1. Wow! I love everything about this… your mod podge window, your banners, your heart wreath on the mirror… You did a great job! I’m your newest fan! Please stop by if you get a chance. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • AHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh my goodness Michelle! Thank you so much! I am so excited that not only a real, live person was on my blog, but that you liked it and YOU have such a cute blog! I’m printing this out and framing it! 🙂
      I would be more than tickled pink to link up. I am new to this blogging thing, so please feel free to critique.
      THANK YOU!

      • Wow! What a response! Thank YOU! Thank you for linking up! Your old windows are so cool and your banner is so sweet. I think you have this blog thing down! I’m following you on FB.

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